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Course Codes

Section Code

Indicate the specific section in which you are registering. Section codes 51 – 84 normally are reserved for laboratory sections associated with a particular lecture. In some cases, students MUST ALSO REGISTER FOR A LAB SECTION. Otherwise, labs are arranged by the department or instructor once classes have begun.

Course Units

  • 0.00 Non-credit activity, such as a lab.
  • 1.50 Semester half-course.
  • 3.00 Regular semester course. Some 3.00 unit courses may be offered over two semesters.
  • 6.00 Normally a two-semester course or a single-semester, double-unit intensive language training course.

Students must register for any two-semester course in both the Fall and Winter terms.

Class Days

  • M Monday
  • T Tuesday
  • W Wednesday
  • R Thursday
  • F Friday
  • S Saturday
  • U Sunday

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Attend one of these sessions to learn how to choose and
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Academic Advisors, and receive tips for academic success.

UWindsor’s Academic Advising Centre will be hosting 6 online
sessions and 1 in-person session to help new students with
registration questions.

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Reasons to Attend

  • Learn how to choose and register for courses
  • Get answers to your questions from Academic Advisors
  • Receive tips for academic success

Webinar Dates & Times

  • Tuesday, November 12 @ 5pm EDT
  • Wednesday, November 13 @ 5pm EDT
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Head Start

We offer a variety of services to ease
the transition for incoming students

Faculty-specific dates provide students with an
opportunity to meet professors, ask program
related questions, and tour the buildings where
they will have regular classes.

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Head Start Dates

  • Friday, July 10 Education and Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Saturday, July 11 Human Kinetics and Nursing
  • Friday, July 17 Science and Education
  • Saturday, July 18 General
  • Friday, July 24 Business and Engineering
  • Saturday, August 8 General
  • Evening session on Thursday, August 13, Mature, Transfer, Part Time Students


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